Thursday, December 6, 2018

Year End Thoughts...

Happy Holidays!

What a wonderful year it has been down at The Clocktower Cabaret…  we booked many new bands, saw a bunch of all-new revues, and got to say hello to our beloved fans. Some of you became frequent flyers, and for that we thank you!

We look forward to an exciting 2019, which will feature a nice mix of proven favorites as well as some new surprises - keep an eye out!  My booking calendar is shaping up to be a fun, funky year.

Did you know that this coming year will be our thirteenth year of business?  We are going to side with the Italians and the Chinese in declaring THIRTEEN a lucky number!!!  (Think of it as an extra month of entertainment, squeezed into the traditional twelve.)

So don't be a stranger - come in from the cold, grab a hot toddy or peppermint cocoa, and kick back and forget about the wintery world outside. We'll do our best to entertain!

Enjoy your Holiday Season, and we'll see you at the bottom of the Clocktower soon,

Jefferson Arca, Owner & GM

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