Tuesday, July 3, 2018

July 4th & Pierre's Thoughts

We asked Naughty Pierre to sit for a short chat about the Fourth of July - here are some of his thoughts!

NP: First of all, thank you for having me here, I love being had.  And second, Happy Birthday to America!  All of us in France are still kind of proud of you.

TCC: Thank you!  Tell me, what do you like about July Fourth?

NP: It's another American holiday about eating, which always delights me.  And eating in a park, the picky-nick?  With all the meat grilling and all the beer swilling and all the music drilling...   and it's not snowing on you, like most Denver holidays... it's actually nice out!

TCC: What's the best BBQ / outdoor party music?

NP: If you do LIVE music, I feel like the Country and the Western is a good fit for Colorado... bands like Buckstein.  I didn't know much of the Country sound growing up in France - our Country music was a different Country's music than your Country's music, so, you know - but it turned out to be great fun.  Live, that is.  I don't know if I like driving with it...  driving is more Vintage Jazz to me.  Like painting, or cooking Al Fresca.

TCC: Al Fresca?

NP: You know jazz?

TCC: Um, do I know--

NP:  Born right here your country.  Made in America.  Why don't we play Jazz at the BBQ?

TCC: We can play whatever we want!  I love jazz.  I listen to jazz all the time.  We book jazz bands quite often: Eizabeth Rose, Mary Lee, CJ Nicolai...

NP: As you should.  Jazz is good for Burlesque as well, very, very good.

TCC: Best BBQ Beer?

NP:  Hmmm...  a Mexican lager I think...  Corona?  Ah!  A Michelada - that's beer and Clamato juice, with some lime and salt.  Delicious.  In fact....  (glances away)

TCC: Anything else?

NP: Happy Birthday USA!!  (exits towards the bar)

TCC: Good bye!!

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