Thursday, June 14, 2018

ComicCon in town - Nerds Unite!

I just got back from watching another movie that was basically either a Star Wars Franchise or a Marvel Universe production.  I'm not sure which!  

Audiences around the world are fascinated by comic book heroes and science fiction fantasies lately - escapism during tough times?  Seeking deep meaning through shiny metaphor?  Or just really like watching cartoons smash things?

Regardless, we know that ComicCon is going to have another big turn-out this weekend in downtown Denver, and we'll see lots of wonderful costumes walking past the Clocktower...  and some amazing costumes onstage that weekend as well!

NERD-LESQUE is back - Friday (15th) and Saturday (16th) at 8pm.  You'll see Princesses and Warriors, Nerds and Dorks, Sci Fi and WTF acts galore...  this weekend only, let's celebrate all our favorite fantasies and heroes!

Jefferson Arca
Owner, The Clocktower Cabaret

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